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International Desk                         Non Residents

Renting and property for non-resident in Spain

Practical questions: Foreigner identity number (NIE), Golden Visa, Social Security

Coordination during country change and communication with the governments involved

Form 720 on assets abroad, Tax regularization


Although regulated in most cases by treaties to avoid double taxation, unregulated operations, such individual residency and a business’ registered office address, are controlled by the laws of each country: it’s an ongoing fight between countries over the collection of these taxes.


Planning in accordance with the parameters of the law is crucial in this world of increasingly interconnected nation states.

LEXCONOMY has extensive experience in the areas of:

  • Fiscal obligations for non-residents

  • Tax obligations for those who obtain or lose tax residency

  • Formalities and additional requirements

  • Preparation of tax residency defence files

International financial transparency and special tax regimes for recently arrived persons

Other incomes: Dividends, capital gains…

Double taxation relief