We defend your rights and interests

What makes us different from other legal and financial firms?

More than anything what sets us apart is the origins and professional journey of our team and value brought to our clients: Professionalism, specialization, empathy, and client-focused service.

What do we prioritize?

Our clients need on point answers and reliable solutions in a globalized, fast-moving world. We provide them fast.

What is our code of conduct?

We work in strict accordance with the law, always, with full commitment to the highest of professional ethics and social responsability standards. Our team are responsible and dedicated. We work togehter for a singular objetive: outstanding quality of work and total client satisfaction


David Nájar Martínez

Partner and Head of the Economics department 

Graduated in Business Studies and Business Management from UB, 1995. Maters in Tax Consultancy from ESADE in 1998 

Leadership experience in the business sector, and since 1998 working in the world of Tax Consultancy

"The fastest one gets there first, but it's not just about the sprinting all the way...this is a long distance race we are preparing for "

foto de david najar martinez

Neus Nájar Martínez

foto de neus najar martinez nieves

Graduated in Law at UB, Barcelona 1990.

Masters in Commercial Law from Abad Oliba  CEU Univertisy. Practicing in various areas of law since 1991

Partner and Head of Legal department

" Whether it's a good attack which makes a good defence, or the sheer amount of legal pressure, which wins you the case, we must arm ourselves with knowledge and prepare for the fight because without it we have no strength at the negotiating table  "